Frequently Asked Questions

What is your artwork made from?

We use 6mm clear acrylic with a flame polished edge to give it the appearance of glass, but the brilliant part is its a 1/10 of the weight!

How do you hang your artwork?

We use a split batten system using 6mm black acrylic. All you need to do is drill the loose piece of acrylic we've supplied to the wall (preferably to a stud), than simply place your artwork onto it (see above).

Can I create a Custom Shape or Size?

Yes, the only limitation is the biggest shape we can go is 1200mm H (Height) x 2400mm W (Width), if your shape can fit within these dimensions we can make it for you!

Can I use my own images?

Yes, we only need you to supply us with a High Resolution of your desired image with at least 200dpi at true size. (eg. 600mm x 400mm @ 200dpi)

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